Customer Kudos:

“I received your samples.  Your certification package was also in the box.  Feedback from my team is: “if their parts are as good as their cert package, these guys are keepers.”

Quality is not a slogan; it’s a way of life. 

Our Quality Management System was written to satisfy U.S. Government quality requirements and to comply with the international standard of ISO 9001:2015. Having extensive experience with other corporate quality systems that generated massive documents of incomprehensible procedures, the goal at Survival Innovations was to produce a lean and effective Quality Management System that was easy to understand and that allowed for improvement based on lessons learned.  

Every procedure was edited for simplicity and vetted for compatibility with other procedures in the overall system. We cut the fat and retained the muscle. Similarly, we exercised the records and forms of our Quality Management System, ensuring that forms contained only the pertinent information and that records met the requirements for traceability. Some of our forms have dual uses, minimizing the volume of paperwork that can accumulate and overwhelm a records management system.

The result of our original effort was a simplified set of documents which integrate into the overall program flow for either Production items or Design items, from the bid-and-proposal phase all the way through product support. We have had very few revisions to the overall system, most changes being the result of expanding our products and services into new realms.

We also selected the best practices of other quality systems. Although our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001:2015, we adopted the AS9102 format for First Article Inspection as our standard, a higher quality level. You never go wrong with higher quality.

Our Government Representatives, our third-party ISO Auditors, and our Customers have been impressed with the thoroughness and accuracy of our Quality Management System.

We like it that way. So will you.