Production Facilities

Production Facilities Gallery
  • Programmable Sewing
Programmable Sewing

The programmable sewing machine stores as many as 999 patterns for sewing at up to 2,700 RPM in sequential cycles. In addition to counting the number of pieces on a unit-by-unit basis per machine, this computer-controlled machine can measure processing time. An electronic active tension system eliminates irregularly tensioned stitches, and a large 1.8 size bobbin includes automated thread trimming.

  • Precision Commercial Sewing
Precision Commercial Sewing

Sewing of complex Critical Safety Items cannot be relegated to automated machines. Survival Innovations personnel have decades of experience in detailed stitching of intricate patterns with high Quality Assurance requirements.  We have automated machines for repetitive patterns, such as a Cross-Box-X stitch, but complex designs require an experienced and careful operator.

  • Short Run or Long Term Manufacturing
Short Run or Long Term Manufacturing

Survival Innovations has the capability of producing short-run items and also manufacturing for the long run with multiple-year continuing contracts.  We have produced as few as one and as many as thousands.

  • Automated and Manual Material Cutting
Automated and Manual Material Cutting

Survival Innovations often has materials laser cut directly from engineering files, especially for long production runs. For short runs, it may be more cost effective to hand cut complex patterns with a hot knife and a metal template, also laser cut from engineering drawings. Webbings and tapes are cut on automated strip cutters. We do it all.

  • Commercial Sewing of Diverse Materials
Commercial Sewing of Diverse Materials

Survival Innovations personnel are experienced in sewing a wide variety of materials, from cotton to nylon to Kevlar® to Nomex® to Naugahyde® and even sheepskin.

  • Component Assembly Processes
Component Assembly Processes

Survival Innovations personnel are experienced in component assembly from riveting of machined parts to packing of seat cushions. Detailed Work Instructions and a hands-on training program keep our personnel up to date on configuration and process improvements.