Production Capabilities

Survival Innovations - Production Capabilities

Production Capabilities

Survival Innovations leverages our design and development experience in the preparation of detailed manufacturing processes and integrated work instructions. We use the same meticulous approach whether we are producing a complicated Critical Safety Item or a simple build-to-print order.

Survival Innovations personnel, equipment, tooling, and supplier network are capable of handling short-run or long-term manufacturing. We can offer a quick turn-around of high-fidelity mockups or rapid prototyping.

Our planning, cutting, sewing, assembly, and inspection personnel have experience in manufacturing products to both military and commercial specifications.

We provide critical hardware assembly with serialized traceability when required. And our team can perform ultimate load testing and both destructive/non-destructive testing.

Survival Innovations' Production System:
  • Is DLA-qualified for production of certain Critical Safety Items
  • Is Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Has a USA reputable supplier base
  • Is proudly Made in America
  • Has a Quality Management System registered to ISO 9001:2008
  • Performs AS9102 First Article Inspections for our Customers.
Survival Innovations’ Production Projects include the following:
  • Aircrew Restraint Systems
  • Helicopter Seat Cushions
  • Chem-Bio Vests and Carriers
  • Sling Assemblies for Weapon Systems
  • MOLLE-based Equipment Pockets
  • Helicopter Helmet Attachment System Components
  • Aviation Life Support Equipment Servicing
  • Ejection Seat Components
  • Parachute System Components