SII to Attend 52nd SAFE Symposium

Survival Innovations personnel will attend the 52nd Annual Symposium of the SAFE Association, held November 3-5, 2014 in Orlando, Florida.  Composed of Government, Military, Industrial, and Academic interests, SAFE represents aviation, space, land, and marine safety disciplines for the protection of users worldwide.

The Special Presentation Speaker is Wing Commander Andrew Green, “The Fastest Man on Earth,” who will discuss Project Bloodhound: Safety at 1000 MPH.  Project Bloodhound is the latest British attempt at the World Land Speed Record—targeting 1,000 miles per hour—scheduled for 2015 in South Africa. Fascinating details may be found at


The SAFE Symposium provides an internationally attended marketplace for the exchange of technical information, product and service exhibitions, and the showcasing of industry capabilities for meeting challenges in vehicular occupant protection and personnel-worn safety equipment. The Symposium is comprised of industry exhibits, technical paper and panel sessions, workshops, lectures, and product demonstrations over a three day period. The SAFE Symposium is attended by acquisition and technical leaders from worldwide industry, governmental, and military agencies.