SII Aces 2014 ISO Surveillance Audit

The 2014 ISO Surveillance Audit is history. Survival Innovations once again passed with flying colors, and more importantly, zero findings by the ISO Registrar.

“This is a mature system that continues to work very effectively,” stated the audit report. “No negative trends exist in the QMS or any of the measurable goals or targets.”

From day one—almost ten years ago—Survival Innovations strove to create not only a Quality Management System that met the requirements of our Government Customers, but also one that was compliant with ISO 9001:2008. When the time came, in October 2009, the company was able to flow seamlessly into a fully registered ISO Quality Management System.

In 2013, Survival Innovations added three new Internal Auditors to the ISO Team, for a total of seven Internal Auditors. For a small company, such a high percentage of Auditors is highly unusual, but such is the company dedication to continuous improvement.

“The Survival Innovations QMS has been praised by ISO Trainers and Auditors, as well as our Customers, both domestic and international,” said Jason Smith.  “Survival Innovations takes our Quality commitment very seriously, and it shows.”