Automated Seven-Class Sewing Equipment Purchased

Survival Innovations has invested in Automated Seven-Class Sewing equipment, as part of the company’s dedication to provide highest-quality sewn products for our Customers.

The new equipment is designed to handle heavy webbing and extra heavy thread to create an electronically controlled pattern for accuracy and repeatability.  It has a hot knife thread-cutting system for both top and bottom threads from an extra-large bobbin, which allows increased production use between bobbin changes. 

As many as 150 patterns may be programmed and stored for sewing at up to 700 stitches per minute, a significant improvement over manual sewing through multiple layers of heavy material, such as webbing slings and harnesses.

“Our entire Production department is excited to add this capability to their repertoire,” said Jason Smith. “And we are delighted to be able to automate a process that is difficult for even the most proficient of our sewing staff.”