2015 ISO Surveillance Audit and Transitions

The 2015 ISO Surveillance Audit of the SII Quality Management System has been completed, and Survival Innovations once again passed with zero findings by the ISO Registrar.

“All core and support processes audited were found to be effective,” stated the audit report. “This is a very effective quality management system.”

On a related note, Survival Innovations has already begun planning for the transition to ISO 9001:2015, which is scheduled for release in September. Corporate management has already signed up for webinars to educate themselves on upcoming changes. The new ISO standard has completed the Final Draft International Stage, the fifth stage of a six stage process. The ISO subcommittee has put forward a final draft to all ISO members for voting.

“It benefits our Customers—both domestic and international—for Survival Innovations to remain on the cutting edge of Quality,” said Jason Smith.  “Our commitment to Quality is a commitment to the end user, whose life may depend on our products.”

As the 2015 ISO audit report observed, “Management commitment remains firm and resources continue to be made available to the QMS.”

That says it all.