Customer Kudos:

“Please know that we appreciate your timely response to our requirement.”

Our Philosophy of Partnership

Survival Innovations operates under a philosophy of partnership—partnership with our Customers, partnership with our Subcontractors, partnership with our Suppliers, and partnership within the Company.

Partnership is a goal-oriented and team-driven method of fulfilling a contract. It requires shared responsibility based on clear, concise, and frequent communication between all participants.

It’s the way we work.

We want satisfied Customers, and the only way to ensure complete satisfaction is to work closely with and clearly communicate with each Customer to achieve common goals.

Survival Innovations has received numerous kudos from our Customers for our timely communication and our forward-looking efforts to forestall roadblocks to mutual success.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Survival Innovations regularly provides and/or accepts Non-Disclosure Agreements with other companies for the mutual protection of Proprietary Data.

Teaming Agreements

Survival Innovations has entered into many teaming agreements with other companies, and we are amenable to proposals for mutually beneficial teaming.