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Customer Kudos:

“…noted that he’s pleased with the work SII is doing and sees the push for exemption as dedication to the deadline, and more importantly, the customer.  Just wanted to pass that along!”

Sample Unique Installations Photo Gallery
  • Body Block with Yoke Assembly
Body Block with Yoke Assembly

The Yoke Assembly Project included concept, design, stress analysis, fabrication, and documentation of a Body Block Assembly and an interfacing Yoke Assembly, designed to allow selectable angular application of up to a 24,500-pound load through the center of gravity of the Body Block during seat static tests. The Yoke Assembly project is part of a larger Seat Static Test Fixture Program designing a fixture and components to integrate with the Universal Test Fixture.

  • Windblast Test Facility Upgrade
Windblast Test Facility Upgrade

The Windblast Test Facility Project included design, stress analysis, fabrication, and installation of a multiple pitot tube array to capture windspeed data during tests and an improved actuation assembly for the flow control valves.

  • Universal Test Fixture
Universal Test Fixture

The Universal Test Fixture was fabricated from a Customer-supplied drawing package. This device may be used with the Horizontal Accelerator or a Seat Static Test Fixture.

  • Ejection Tower Carriages
Ejection Tower Carriages

Improved ejection seat carriages were designed, analyzed, and fabricated for use on the Ejection Test Tower, including carriages for the NACES ejection seat, the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) ejection seat, and the general use carriage.

  • Parachute Opening Shock Emulator Upgrades
POSE Upgrades

Seat structure upgrades were designed, analyzed, and fabricated for use with the Parachute Opening Shock Emulator (POSE). The POSE test fixture includes a movable seat structure that allows a manikin to be pulled from the seat, simulating the parachute opening shock phase of an ejection. The fixture is used in conjunction with a Horizontal Impulse Accelerator, and a catching mechanism retrieves the manikin after a test.

  • Cobra Helmet Drill Guide Fixtures
Cobra Helmet Drill Guide Fixtures

Drill Guide Fixtures were designed and fabricated to precisely locate holes for attachment of components on the helmet used with the Cobra Helicopter.  The mounting system was originally designed by Survival Innovations personnel.