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Design Projects produced by Survival Innovations

Customer Kudos:

“I wanted to drop a line and give you some feedback on the use of the new seats—they’re great, bar none!  The seats you all have developed and provided to the Kiowa Community are hands down the best I have sat my tail on in over 2200 flight hrs.”

Sample Design Projects Photo Gallery
  • Mobile Aircrew Emergency Release
Mobile Aircrew Emergency Release

Survival Innovations conceived, designed, developed, and tested the Emergency Release Assembly (ERA) for the HBU-26/P Restraint to be integrated with the AIRSAVE Vest and the Torso Harness.  The ERA was selected as the HBU-27/P Restraint Assembly, currently in use on the Aircrew Endurance Vest.   Survival Innovations personnel shared both the U.S. Patent and the 2012 Patent of the Year Award by NAWCAD Patuxent River. A unique feature of the ERA provides easy release of a crewmember while under fully suspended load.

  • Advanced Flotation System
Advanced Flotation System

Survival Innovations’ expertise in developing the Low-Profile Flotation Collar (LPFC), currently in operational use, has taken the next step by integrating the Flotation device inside the vest and achieving an even lower profile flotation device.

  • Helicopter Seat Cushions
Helicopter Seat Cushions

Survival Innovations’ teaming with LME® and Dynamic Systems has produced a modular helicopter cushion for the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior with both inflatable thigh and lumbar supports. Survival Innovations designed the cushion covers and developed the product drawing packages. Dynamic Systems provided energy absorbing foam components. The primary point of contact for OH-58D helicopter cushions or development of similar cushions for any other aircraft is LME, Inc.

  • HNRS - Head and Neck Restraint System
HNRS - Head and Neck Restraint System

Survival Innovations’ patented Head and Neck Restraint System has been tailored for high-performance ejection seats through a BAA contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory. The HNRS is man-rated and pilot-worn equipment, designed and tailored for the Joint Strike Fighter and other high-performance aircraft.

  • HBU-26/P & HBU-27/P Aircraft Safety Shoulder Harness
HBU-26/P & HBU-27/P Aircraft Safety Shoulder Harness

After design efforts with the U.S. Navy, Survival Innovations is the sole source supplier of the HBU-27/P Aircraft Safety Shoulder Harnesses being incorporated into the new Aircrew Endurance vest. Survival Innovations designers received the NAWC Patent of the Year Award for the Quick Release used on the HBU-27/P as the Emergency Release Assembly.

  • Survival/Pistol/Ammo Pockets for Molle Vests
Survival/Pistol/Ammo Pockets for Molle Vests

Survival Innovations designed modular pockets for use by agencies such as the U.S. Border Patrol. The pockets include a H&K Compact Holster, Medical Pocket, Flash-Bank Pocket, Stingball Pocket, Radio Pocket, and Ammo Pockets for H&K USP 40 cal and M-4 magazines.