Design and Development

Design and Development Services by Survival Innovations

Customer Kudos:

 “We, also, appreciate your diligence and dedication.  Rarely does the Government have such a spirited vendor with whom we can work!  Please extend a warm "Thank You" to all of your staff!”

Life Support Equipment and Systems

Survival Innovations personnel have a long and productive history in aviation life support equipment.

  • Our team includes knowledgeable individuals with decades of practical experience in solving life support product challenges.
  • Our team has combined professional careers totaling over 175 years in the aviation life support industry, working with some of the most dynamic companies, creative individuals, challenging situations, and innovative products of the last four decades.
  • Our team includes award winning personnel acknowledged for their career contributions to life support and safety systems.
  • We provide Design and Development services from Requirements Definition to Operational Employment.
  • We provide design services for development, fabrication, and installation of unique test facility equipment.
  • We provide Support Services including Training, Technical Manuals, and Product Servicing.
Survival Innovations’ design projects include the following general categories:
  • Aircrew Restraint Systems
  • Helicopter Seat Cushions
  • Flotation System Advanced Designs
  • Molle Gear and Pockets
  • CBR Equipment Carriers
  • Mobile Aircrew Restraint Release
  • Emergency Release Assemblies
  • Integrated Harness Assemblies
  • Aircrew Tethers for Vests & Harnesses
  • Aviation Helmet Attachment System Components
Test facility upgrade projects include design, stress analysis, documentation, fabrication, installation, and operator training of one-of-a-kind equipment:
  • Windblast Test Facility Upgrade
  • Vertical Drop Tower Upgrades
  • ACES-II Carriage Design Upgrades
  • NACES Carriage Design Upgrades
  • JSF Carriage Design and Fabrication
  • Horizontal Impulse Accelerator Upgrades
  • Parachute Opening Shock Emulator (POSE)
  • Cobra Helmet Attachment Drill Fixture Fabrication
  • Universal Test Fixture Fabrication

To see samples of our innovative product design and development, please see our Design Projects and Unique Installations sections.